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Chinese Y.M.C.A. Kwai Chung Kindergarten


♦ Introduction:

 The school is a kindergarten run by the Chinese YMCA in Hong Kong. We are committed to providing holistic

education for our students in the spirit of Christ. The school has a professional and caring team to create a

safe and quality learning environment for children, providing a life-long and fun-filled learning process to build

confidence in enduring learning for young children.


Enrollment Qualities:
We regard early childhood education as the foundation of lifelong learning, our school motto is: 
“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is only, he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6). 
We work always to develop the spirit of our students: to nurture young children with good values, beliefs, 
character, courtesy and other moral education foundations; in both mind (to develop children's language, thinking,
 knowledge And the ability to solve problems;) and body (through music and physical games, to express children's 
emotional and physical coordination, learn self-care, establish good living habits, let children have a full-person development).


♦ Course Implementation:

We refer to the six major areas of the Education Bureau's Curriculum (2017) as a framework to foster the balanced 
development of children in moral, intellectual, physical, group, aesthetic and spiritual aspects, to lay the foundation 
for lifelong learning for young children, to cultivate children's spirit of seeking knowledge and to be happy. 


 School system and class time:

The school runs both morning-only and whole day classes, a kindergarten class K1,

a junior class K2 and an advanced class K3.

Class Monday-Friday
Whole Day 8.15am-16.00pm
Morning 8:15am- 12:00noon


 2018-19 Principal and teacher's seniority and education:



 School Structure: (only available in Chinese)